Bibi Dissolves War Cabinet, Internal Struggles Grow

by David Mark

Prime Minister Netanyahu has officially disbanded the war cabinet, the small forum designed to allow Benny Gantz, Yoav Gallant, and Bibi Netanyahu to direct war efforts. Without Gantz and his partner Eisenkot, keeping the war cabinet seems to be pointless.

Decisions will be made by Netanyahu, Gallant, and Dermer from now on with major decisions to be made by security cabinet. The dissolution of the war cabinet accomplishes two things will allow for Netanyahu to more closely make decisions with Gallant, without bringing Itamar Ben Gvir into the decision making forum.

While this might seem to be a slight, it works better for Ben Gvir to still be on the outside in order to keep the pressure on the decisions. Either way, it has become increasingly clear that a reckoning is coming to the military upper echelon. Recently they decided on their own to pause fighting in parts of the Rafah area for humanitarian purposes. They did this without permission of the Prime Minister or even the Defense Minister. When Netanyahu heard he ordered his Military Secretary to clarify to the army that there will be no pauses.

Without Gantz, Netanyahu appears ready to wrest control of the military and bring it back under the rubric of the civilian government. Will he succeed? Israel depends on it.

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