Beware Of The Second American Revolution, It Is Not Like The First

by David Mark

The mobs of people clamoring for destruction are only the first wave of the chaos set to engulf the United States. One can gaze upon the events of 2020 as if they are analogous to the riots that took place in 1968, but they are not. These riots are carefully planned to utilize President Trump as a foil in order for the Deep State to retake control.

While Biden enjoys a comfortable lead in the polls, Antifa, BLM, and other Soros funded orgs don’t really care about Biden or other establishment Dems. Those politicians are worse for them as it will settle the masses back down. This is about revolution, but not like the one in 1776, which freed the American people from their overlords in London. The revolution the mobs are being instigated to initiate is far closer to the Russian Revolution of 1917.

President Trump may or may not meet the same fate as the ruling Romanov family did back then, but his role is the same. This has always been about the Globalists breaking American cultural independence by using mass marketing, revisionist history, and a push towards a superficial world view. While the assumption has been that President Trump’s election curbed their agenda, the Globalists just switched gears.

The challenge of the period of time America is entering is that none of this is easily read by watching the MSM. Citizens may want quiet or to turn the page on this chapter, but this is not about another horrible incident, it is about the puppet masters of these events using the incident in Minneapolis to seize control of the narrative in order to fundamentally transform America as Obama promised in 2008 and if not to break it apart.

History will show that forces beyond our control aligned to push out a sitting President and break apart the United States by igniting a chain reaction of mob violence that inevitably will lead to martial law that ultimately will usher in the real revolution. That is when its leaders will take center stage.

This will be a long hot summer. Those of us blessed to be in Israel are watching as the unthinkable happens and the USA devolves into chaos. Will there be an end? Of course, just not the one we ever imagined.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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