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German Party Leader Slams EU to Stop Funding Terrorism


Joachim Kuhs is a leader of the German AfD party. He is also an EU representative on the Budget Committee of the European Parliament.

Not only did Joachim Kuhs call out the EU to stop funding terrorism via money the EU gives to the Palestinian Authority, he and other leaders of his party just expelled right-wing extremists from their party as well.

These are bold steps for the leader of a German party to take. It is European leaders like Joachim Kuhs who understand that moving forward for a better future for Europeans, means getting rid of all kinds of extremism.

It is refreshing to see a European leader stand up and call out for an end to the despicable funding of terrorism by the EU. Most Europeans have no clue that their hard-earned tax-paying money is used to fund terrorism. Hopefully, this step, together with other steps being taken together with other European conservative leaders will bring about an end to this immoral practice of the EU.