American Jewish Students Silenced Over Antisemitism

by Gavriel Dan

Last night, UC Berkeley’s student government was supposed to vote on a bill that would condemn antisemitic incidents occurring on campus. Instead, Jewish students were silenced and abused. Still wonder why antisemitism is on the rise in America? Take a minute, and watch this:

US college students are increasingly feeling the heat about being Jewish. With antisemitism on the rise in the USA, the college campus is the main place where antisemitism is being fostered.

The above video is a perfect example on how students on college campus’ are using false intersectionality to conflate the “Palestinian” Arab independence movement with a fascist antisemitic attack on free speech and assembly.

This sort of behavior is happening across the country, which has seen its one pro-Israel perspective become eroded as college students are becoming more and more vocal on their view that Jews and Israel are essentially synonymous.

If the above behavior is now condoned, is there anyway to truly curb the rising tide of antisemitism in the USA?

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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