MIRACLE! For The First Time Ever, Listen As A High Priest Enters The Holy Of Holies

by Phil Schneider

The Temple in Jerusalem was a place that was not merely a place for a few Holy Priests to doe their service. It was a place where the entire Jewish nation came up to serve and pray several times every year in order to bring Godliness into their lives. How was this achieved? What was so unique about the service of the Temple?

The Temple was a place that was awe-inspiring to all who served there. It was awe-inspiring to all of one’s senses. When you walked in, you could look straight up and see a building that was more than 6 stories tall – and hollow. It was also beautifully decorated with all kinds of bright and glistening colors. It had beautiful smells too from the different spices. Basically, the physical senses were all majorly activated. The sounds of the Temple were beautiful and powerful also.

But, what the Temple was all about was spiritual connection to a Higher Being. The main goal of a person who served at the Temple was to become reconnected or to assume a new connection to the Godliness in the world. The essence was to reach a new level of realization of God awareness. This was done via the feeling that each person in the Temple felt. They felt like they were actually inside of God. Then when each person went back home they were able to bring back the newfound feelings, emotions, and awareness into their daily life in order to be more God-informed.

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