President Trump Listened to Elizabeth Warren about Peace Deal But She is Not Happy

by Avi Abelow

Elizabeth Warren said this back in 2017 to a round of applause by progressive Jews.

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So Elizabeth Warren said “if President Trump is serious about peace I urge him to produce a comprehensive strategy to achieve it”

lol and behold, last week that is exactly what President Trump did! He introduced a 181 page COMPREHENSIVE plan! His team spent three years developing this plan!

Here it is, 181 pages!!!

Part A – political framework

Section 1 – Introduction

Section 2 – the approach

And that’s broken down to overview of UN efforts, current realities, legitimate aspirations, etc

Then a section on borders, a section on Jerusalem, an economic plan, security, Gaza, trade agreements, water and much much more. 181 pages of more!

If this is not a comprehensive plan then what is???

No other administration ever did anything like this! They did “shuttle diplomacy”, racking up frequent flier miles traveling to haggle back and forth between world leaders, but never developed a comprehensive plan! 

So now that Trump accomplished exactly what Warren and the progressives wanted, they have to attack Trump for a different reason! Now Warren and fellow Democratic leaders are trashing the plan because it “undermines” existing US policy.”

Excuse me. Someone please remind these people of the 20+ years of existing US policy that began with President Clinton-in the early 90s! “Existing US  policy was based on appeasing terrorists who teach their children to kill Jews & destroy Israel while rewarding terrorists didn’t work! 

20+ years of throwing billions of aid money, your hard earned tax money, to a Palestinian authority that is thoroughly corrupt with non-functioning governing institutions, didn’t work! 20 years of “institution building” failed! They still can’t act like a state! And it can’t survive without foreign aid! After 20+ years of global assistance!!!

What other hints to these people have to see that the “existing” US policy failed miserably and wasted billions of dollars of tax payers money!

Now, I have huge reservations about the plan as well that I speak about, but the Democratic & progressive response to this plan, that is the most comprehensive plan ever, based on facts and 20+ years of lessons learned from the failures,  is the best, most realistic plan ever developed. Instead of showing how they care about achieving peace, it exposes them as being anti-Trump, not truly caring about achieving security for Israel, the strongest US ally in the region, and not even caring  about a better future for the Arabs in Judea, Samaria & Gaza who are oppressed and being held back by their own failed, corrupt terror supporting leadership.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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