Ben Shapiro Speaks to the Man Who Teaches Us How To Become Millionaires

by Phil Schneider

This will make it sound so simple when in truth it really is not so simple. But, the principles that are espoused in this interview are absolutely true. If we live in debt or overspend, we will be encouraging a life that will be filled with more debt and more dependence. The freedom to be independent and not have the government control our financial well-being is actually a major theme of living the life of a free American. But today, many are getting accustomed to living on the dole – on handouts from the government. When did all of this start?

There were government welfare programs before FDR’s New Deal which was basically a massive governmental project that employed tens of millions of people in government jobs in order to boost the faltering economy during the depression. It can be debated endlessly as to whether or not these government programs helped boost the economy or if it was World War II. It was probably a bit of both or perhaps the combination of the two.

However, the major sea change occurred in the late 60’s when Lyndon Baines Johnson introduced the massive spending of the government on a level that was unprecedented. This lasted for more than a decade till Ronald Reagan cut government spending and taxes in order to free up the citizenry from the large tentacles of the government. But welfare programs that were set up then still exist today, and the Obama policies of then have expanded and exist till today under the Biden administration. There are actually two big groups in America today – there are those who are living in a way that takes advantage of the freedoms that America accords and can work towards financial independence and prosperity. But then, there is a large and growing underclass that is largely reliant on government support to survive.

The key is for these programs to encourage independence and not to develop endless dependency. But today’s Democrats have much to profit from fostering massive dependence on government programs. As long as a growing population is reliant on the government, they will tend to vote Democrat as Democrats support expansion of government programs. This is not just not good for America – it is bad for the people themselves. Sound business advice for the individual is generally sound business advice for the masses too. The principles espoused here are critical to be heard at all levels of the government too.

Roe vs. Wade

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