Evidence of the Hanukkah Story Discovered in Ancient Fortified Building

by Leah Rosenberg

You can talk about the Hanukkah story anywhere in the world. You can see proof of it with your own eyes only in the land of Israel.

Proof of the Hanukkah Story

Findings like these never get old. These discoveries further prove the truth that many of us already know: The Jews belong in Israel. The Jewish people have their history in Israel; not the “Palestinians” who are an invented people from a few decades ago. It was the nation of Israel that lived in Israel before the Muslims ever even existed. This is not a debatable issue. You can’t argue with the facts. You can’t argue with tangible archaeology that you can touch with your hands. And you definitely cannot argue with G-d and the Bible. The story of Hanukkah is just one of the many parts of Jewish history. And what Israeli archaeologists have uncovered to further prove the validity of the story is unbelievable.

The ancient fortified building. The artifacts. These are treasures! These are pieces of history!

Jewish history is part of Jewish tradition and culture. It is not some ancient, irrelevant thing. And being able to touch it with your own hands and see it with your own eyes is something magnificent.

What does the anti-Israel world have to say about this? Are they going to continue to deny the truth? The history? The evidence? It is time the world started to admit the ancient connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel. Where is the archaeology and evidence of a “Palestinian” people in the land of Israel? Spoiler alert: There is none.

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