Bedouin Arabs Stone Bus Headed for Israel’s Main Seaside Vacation Resort

by Leah Rosenberg

This didn’t happen in Judea and Samaria. Because it’s not about land, as has been proven again by this incident carried out by Bedouin Arabs.

Bedouin Arabs Attack Bus Headed for Eilat

This did not take place in Judea or Samaria, our liberated ancestral homeland that the world erroneously calls “occupied,” excusing the horrific terror of the enemy Arab Muslim population who call themselves “Palestinians.” No, this took place in Israel’s Negev desert on a bus ride down South to Israel’s main seaside resort vacation city, Eilat. Bedouin Arabs stoned the bus. Miraculously, nobody on the bus was injured. 

The Negev desert is filled with Muslim Bedouins who are Israeli citizens and enjoy full freedom and equality as Israeli citizens. The Ra’am Muslim Brotherhood political party is a partner in the current government. This is bad news. This is a population that has become radicalized by the Muslim Brotherhood, and their level of violence against innocent Israeli citizens rises by the day.

One day, our political and police leaders will have to wake up from their progressive-value slumber and end the growing violence of this faction. Unfortunately, currently, they are treated with kid gloves as an “underprivileged” class of society, hence allowed by the authorities to get away with their spreading violence. 

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