Ben Shapiro Slams AOC’s Attack On Oil

by Phil Schneider

The price of oil has fallen to such a low level that the oil industry is paying people to take their oil. That is a fascinating phenomenon that may bring the oil industry down to a very low level. The price of oil is obviously plummeting. So, is this good or not? Of course not. We never want to see the collapse of any industry that involves millions of jobs for people.

The idea that renewable and clean energy is a way to get new jobs while the oil industry falls apart is ludicrous. Ben Shapiro takes AOC apart in this difficult time that we are living in. Hundreds of millions of people are now suffering and being told to not leave their homes except for the most vital reasons. Flights have largely been grounded. So, the two main reasons that people use oil, cars and planes, have largely been ground to a halt. This is not a simple time for many industries, but in some industries, the demand has fallen to such a level that the prices have fallen to historic lows.

The health crisis and economic crisis are absolutely intertwined. It is entirely possible that the heath crisis will be harnessed and brought under control before the economic crisis. That is because it may be easier to mass produce a treatment that will reach hundreds of millions of people than it will be to inject the economy with a new confidence following the major hits that so many people are experiencing. Will people simply start flying again in the way they did in the past once a treatment for Corona is found? Probably not. People will still think twice before travelling – especially to the Far East, and depleted bank accounts are not very helpful either.

It is time to put aside partisan politics and look for the politicians who will lead in ways that will inspire a more unified and less fractious world as the world gradually rebuilds.

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