New Israeli Government Preparing For Annexation

by Micha Gefen

While threats abound from the Palestinian Authority against using the emergency government to push forward Israeli annexation plans, their threat appears to be falling on deaf ears.

Written in the guidelines of the unity government agreement is the ability for Prime Minister Netanyahu to push annexation in Judea and Samaria forward after July 1st.

This is a move supported by a majority of Israelis and the Trump administration. Recently, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo made it clear that it is up to the Israelis to decide whether or not they will annex some of the disputed areas as part of the State of Israel. The “Palestinian” leadership is essentially running out of time. Without a friend in Washington and no real value to the Sunni Arab world their game is up.

Most people have begun to realize the PA is really a glorified mafia and this mafia is on its way out. Benjamin Netanyahu is the right person at the right time. Will he exercise his power to once and for all annex Judea and Samaria?

Motivation for Terror
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