Ben Shapiro proves how absurd the left really is, and it’s actually hilarious

by Leah Rosenberg

The entire issue of gender preference and people being open to being transgender seems like a simple matter of personal preference. After all, why should it bother anyone what somebody else chooses to do? Even if they choose to do something that seems rather absurd, why not have a “live and let live” attitude? Don’t we need more acceptance of others? Isn’t the idea of personal freedom more important than other considerations?

The answer to these questions is not a simple yes or no. There needs to be nuance. First of all, there are many people today who have “chosen” to label themselves as a transgender and do it in their own private way. They don’t get in the way of others and force the idea on anyone. They are truly “live and let live” people. They do not pose a major problem to anyone. One can debate if what they think about themselves is legitimate or not, but they are not bothering anybody. The problem is the LGBT pride movement. The idea of people taking their private lives and gender preferences and posting it on every social media site and basically forcing everyone to accept their own opinions as legitimate – that is the core of the problem. There is nothing wrong with somebody who believes that the entire concept of gender preference is a sham. This is not a simple matter to prove one way or another, but Ben Shapiro sure does a great job staking out the anti-gender preference line.

Anyone who believes we need to be more accepting of others needs to understand that forcing all women athletes to accept transgender male-turned females to compete against them is a very non-accepting approach. Forcing everyone to accept that men and women are options that exist in the world and not G-d determined and unchanging is a very non-accepting approach. Things may very well boomerang if the madness continues.

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