Tens of thousands protest worldwide against French court for acquitting killer of 65 year old Jew

by Leah Rosenberg

The Judge in the French court ruled that Sarah Halimi’s killer could not stand trial for the murder because he was high on Marijuana. Really?

The French Court Made a Grave Mistake

How could this possibly have been the ruling in the French court? Sarah Halimi was murdered in April 2017. She was an innocent 65 year old Jewish woman. Her Muslim killer Kobili Traoré threw her out of her apartment window. Truly sickening and horrifying.

And the Judge wrongly made a ruling that he was not fit for the trial because of his drug intake. That is absurd! He killed an innocent Jewish woman and shouted “Allahu akbar” while doing it. There was a massive rally in Paris with 20,000 protesters. And aside from just in Paris, people protested worldwide for letting a vicious murderer off the hook.

In response to the protests, the French government confirms that it will legislate to eliminate the loophole that allowed Halimi’s killer to go free.

Justice must be served. Antisemitism must be punished. This is enough!

On top of all this, the international media was mostly silent about this horrendous judicial injustice by the French courts. So sad.

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