Ben Shapiro Breaks Down 3,000+ Years of Israel History Into a Short Lesson

by Phil Schneider

Israel is tiny. It is smaller than the State of New Jersey. On nearly every globe, only a small part of the letter L fits within the State of Israel. That is a critical part of understanding the context of everything relating to the State of Israel.

More than 1,000 years before the Modern era, before Christianity, and 1,500 years before the creation of the Muslim religion, Israel was the Holy Land for the Jewish people. So where did the name Palestine come from? Shapiro explains that it goes back to a Roman insult of the Land of Israel, hundreds of years before the Muslim religion.

There was no concept of an Arab claim to land in the Land of Israel at all – ever – until the last few decades. Really? Yup. Shapiro explains it all in a short lesson that goes through everything.

And, yes, remember who the Arabs in Israel sided with in World War II – they sided with Hitler. Remember that the Arabs are always on the side of violence and always against peace in the Land of Israel.

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