Ben Shapiro Exposed the Truth About Biden and the Chinese Spy Balloon

by Phil Schneider

Biden is lying and has been exposed again as a true pacifist who believes in appeasing the enemy. Alternatively, Biden is not in charge of the United States and Barack Obama, or whomever else is truly running the country, is a true pacifist and believes in appeasing the enemy.

The question begs – Is China truly the enemy of the United States? Or is China perhaps a competitor for economic world dominance, but not truly a mortal enemy to be wary of? Well, as far as an economic competitor, it is patently obvious today where things stand. Nothing China has done over the last few decades would indicate anything except that China is looking to dominate the world economically.

The Road & Belt initiative of the Chinese Communist Party is designed to be a stealthy plan for China to gradually take over wide swaths of the world economy via China controlling as many high-speed railroads connecting the Far East to the rest of Asia, Africa and Europe. What is amazing is that this stealthy plan is being implemented in broad daylight. Everybody knows about it. But only China is dominating one country’s economy after another without regard for the present GDP of each economy.

The concept is quite simple. Take Indonesia as an example. With a population of around 1 million people, but a low GDP, poverty and health care are major issues in this country. China helps the country modernize via their high speed railroads and efficient connection to world shipping routes. China builds the railroads and pays for everything – but also owns the high spped railroads. That boosts health care and job opportunities as Indonesia becomes more accessible to the modernized world and outlying areas can reach the centers of Indonesia that are more modernized. That in turn boosts the local economy of Indonesia. Within 10-20 years, China then finds itself in control of the roads and transportation of a growing economy of more than 100 million people.

This is what is going on in multiple countries throughout Asia and now Africa. Before long, China will have another billion people under it’s economic umbrella in fast developing countries. Soon, it will be felt in Europe too. Meanwhile, America is focused on making sure that we are doing our job about climate change and insuring that transgender athletes can have their own bathrooms. That is why the economic battle is being lost to China.

What is actually happening is that a Chinese empire is being built steadily without any bloodshed, while the middle class of China grows at a rapid pace. Amazingly, China has been able to retain it’s dictatorial control over it’s citizenry despite the growing comforts that hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens are experiencing. Usually, the more freedom one experiences, the more the population demands more. Communism has a hard time working alongside freedom. But China is different. In China, the Communist Party has retained it’s grip on the masses via intimidation and mortal fear of repercussions, while gradually allowing more freedom.

So, should the Western world also be scared of a Chinese military attack on the United States. In the short term, no. The probability is very low. China has too much to lose and does not need to fight the United States in order to move forward in rebuilding the new Chinese Empire. But, when Chinese spy balloons are successfully sent over the United States in broad daylight and US military installations are being photographed, it means that China has more aggressive intentions.

What it probably means is that China is serious about attacking Taiwan. Taiwan is the bone in the throat of Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea. Taiwan is armed to the teeth and looks at Ukraine as a model of how to fight back and not give in against it’s huge neighbor. The big question is to what extent the US, Australia, and other Western countries would come to the aid of Taiwan. If China is convinced that Taiwan would have to go it alone, China may indeed attack. Biden’s appeasement in the balloon episode is a clear signal that America does not want to fight.

Right now, the United States is not in the attack scopes of China. But in another decade or two, the United States may be the 2nd most powerful country in the world and China will gobble up more and more of the world economy. It’s time for some long-term strategic thinking before it’s too late.

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