The Danger of Central Bank Digital Currencies and How They Differ from Bitcoin

by Avi Abelow

Governments all over the world, including Israel, Britian, the United States of America etc. are all working to institute cental bank digital currencies (CBDCs). What does that mean to us laypeople and what are the implications?

British media personality Maajid Nawaz is one of the world’s most prominent campaigners for individual rights, freedoms and liberties. He is also a reformed Islamist extremist and outspoken against Islamism. As a champion for individual rights and freedom, Nawaz has been outspoken in exposing the danger of central bank digital currencies to our freedoms.

In the above short video, Nawaz quickly explains the threat of CBDCs and how they differ from bitcoin, even though both use blockchain technology.

The following is a full video interview with Maajid Nawaz talking in more detail about decentralized currencies and the threats of central bank-backed digital currencies.

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