Former PM Bennett: US and Germany Blocked Peace Deal With Russia

by David Mark

Former Prime Minister Bennett admitted that he had negotiated what seemed to be an agreed upon peace deal between Russia and Ukraine only to have the US, Germany, and France block it. Bennett worked on negotiating the deal last March.

The question is, why would they block such a deal?

US internal propaganda on the start of the war seemed to indicate that it was the actions of a crazy autocrat that started the conflict. Any mention of NATO build up in Ukraine is dismissed. However, the push by the West to continue the conflict even after a potential peace deal last year, appears to confirm that NATO was more interested in defeating Putin directly rather than bringing peace.

Like other nation building exercises that went horribly wrong in the early 2000’s, today’s agenda by the West to push out Putin has already wrecked havoc on the economies of many in the emerging world. Energy costs have risen and food prices have skyrocketed.

Despite all of this, NATO insists on pushing forward in an attempt to completely defeat Putin. Unfortunately, this has brought Russia, China, and Iran into a direct alliance – a geopolitical disaster.

As the Ukraine-Russia war moves into its second year, will the West decide to calm tensions or will they blindly stumble into a far more devastating war?

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