Ben Shapiro Exposed the Left’s Ridiculous Case Against Trump

by Phil Schneider

What is it about Donald Trump that so rattles the left that nearly every red-line is crossed in order to keep Donald Trump from accruing power and being reelected in 2024? Isn’t Trump a dead dog following the Jan. 6th march-protest-riot on the Capitol? Some people on the left in America don’t think so. They think that Donald Trump is so dangerous that he must be removed from even reaching a point of candidacy in 2024.

Most political pollsters would tell you that a Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley nomination should scare the Democrats much more than a Trump nomination. They are less controversial, but still effective Republican leaders with excellent track records. So why does the Donald get most of the focus and the attacks from the far left? There are various theories.

One theory is that Donald Trump so infuriates the Left that the Left loses all logic when thinking about a potential candidacy of Trump. So, they simply can’t help but focus their arrows on him. Another theory is that Trump’s ability to bring out the disaffected middle America voters is still a major threat that the Democrat pollsters see as a major factor. Despite a rather poor showing in the midterms, some Democrats think that there is a major difference between Trump-supported candidates and Trump the candidate. So, the fear is still there that in 2024, he could pull it off himself like he did in 2016.

But there is probably a more reasonable explanation. Even if DeSantis or Haley have a better chance at moving centrist oriented voters like suburban moms to the Republican side, they don’t scare the Democrats like Trump does. Trump is a candidate who destroys the norms on nearly every issue. DeSantis fights back effectively against the press when they attack him. But Trump debases and destroys the credibility of the press. Haley hits back against enemies of the United States. Trump has shown that he is willing to order attacks and scare the living daylights out of dictators. Trump is an earthquake making President.

For those in the radical left, like George Soros, the World Economic Forum, and other progressive power players, Donald Trump is the only candidate willing to call out their influence who will try to destroy their power structures. Trump, after losing in 2020, is akin to a wild bear with the cunning of a fox that the left fears more than anyone else today. Trump threatens their power structures. That is why they hate his guts. Trump plays dirty and he plays to win. That is why the attacks keep coming to destroy Donald Trump, even if it means the Democrats will lose the election to a different Republican.

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