Everyone’s Shocked by What Biden Said About Israel

by Phil Schneider

Does Joe Biden dislike Israel? Does he dislike Benjamin Netanyahu? Much is made about the personal relationships between the leaders of nations. This should not be dismissed. But, often, the personal relationships between leaders is overestimated as being the primary issue that leads to friction between leaders. In actuality, it is about basic policy differences where the interests of the two countries simply do not align due to different or clashing ideologies.

When the Soviet Union placed Mikhail Gorbachev in charge of the Politburo in the mid 80’s, in America, much talk ensued about how different Gorbachev was from his predecessors. Chernenko, Andropov, and especially Brezhnev, were the old guard leaders. Gorbachev was younger, seemed more reasonable, and perhaps a thawing in relations could develop. Until Gorbachev, the greatest accomplishment with the Soviet Union that the United States reached was a state of cold detente. That basically meant that the two superpowers were at least talking and making sure to minimize the chances of a colossal misunderstanding that could put the world on the brink of nuclear war. This was indeed a great accomplishment.

But what truly changed the equation was the ideological goal of Ronald Reagan to defeat the Soviet Union and bring them to their knees economically. Reagan was one of very few people – even in the right wing – who actually believed that the Cold War could be won. In the 60’s and 70’s, it seemed like the strife would go on for another century. Nobody expected it to end in the 80’s. The hero was not Gorbachev, and the key to the United States’ success was not the personal relationship between Reagan and Gorbachev.

True, it may have been a more bloody battle if Andropov, Chernenko, or Brezhnev were at the helm. Gorbachev knew that the Soviet Union could simply not sustain the economic buildup to compete with the expensive Star Wars initiative of Reagan. The Soviet Union was indeed defeated by protesters in Poland, East Germany, a massive US economic build up, diplomacy, and Reagan’s ideology that was driven to defeat the Soviet Union. Reagan, like his predecessors worked to loosen the stranglehold on Eastern Europe and other Soviet satellite countries that longed for freedom. But Reagan wanted to win the battle, not just stay ahead of the Soviet Union. His smiling meetings with Gorbachev were actually very frosty meetings that belied Reagan’s iron will to bring the Soviet Union to it’s knees. The United States prevailed and Eastern Europe is now free, outside of Ukraine.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s puppet President is treating Israel similarly to the way that Obama treated Israel. The fact that Biden had a warm personal relationship with Netanyahu 15 years ago has not kept Biden from acting in a cold and distanced manner from Netanyahu. Biden is basically continuing Obama’s policies on nearly every issue.

Barack Obama’s ideological goals were made clear at the outset of his Presidency when he spoke in Egypt. Obama was looking to transform the Middle East and the United States. Just like he was and is not a believer in American exceptionalism, he is not a believer in Israel being an exception in the Middle East. The whole idea of Israel being the only true democracy in the Middle East is not something that Obama subscribes to.

Obama sees Israel as an illegal occupier of a foreign entity’s land. He sees Israel as an oppressor. He looks at the right wing leadership of Israel as the main reason that the Middle East does not have justice. He believes that if Israel is forced to withdraw from Judea and Samaria and the area is turned into the State of Palestine, then all of the countries in the Middle East will be happy and accept little Israel.

Obama is wrong on all of the above. The entire idea of a so-called “Palestinian people” is one big fiction that was created to pressure Israel to walk back it’s amazing victory in a defensive Six Day War of 1967. There is no such thing as land of a Palestinian people because there is no such thing as a Palestinian. It is indeed one big lie that was promulgated by terrorists who want to destroy the entire State of Israel. The Arabs in the State of Israel have it better than in any neighboring Arab country. Democracy in Israel is actually solid and the Arabs in Israel enjoy more freedom in Israel than nearly anywhere else in the Middle East.

There is only one true just solution for the State of Israel’s debate with the Arabs in it’s midst. The solution is a completely robust and powerful State of Israel with an Arab minority that has NO weapons, but only administrative control over it’s own municipal decisions. No other solution is just to the indigenous Jewish people in their indigenous Land, and no other solution works in a Middle East that does not play to the same rules as the Western world. Reagan brought the Soviet Union to it’s knees. Israel must bring the Arabs in their midst to their knees.

The Arab minority in Israel understands strength and weakness. They don’t think in terms of justice and rights. Obama and the far left is completely caught up in ideas that are completely irrelevant to the Middle East. Netanyahu must diplomatically and emphatically say to President Biden to go fly a kite. Israel understands it’s own problems and Biden, the President of the #1 superpower in the world should worry about it’s own border chaos and Chinese balloons. Israel knows how to handle itself.

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