WATCH: “Palestinian” Authority Lieutenant Rams Israeli Soldiers

by Micha Gefen

The Ramadan jihad continued last night when an Arab terrorist rammed three Israeli soldiers outside the town of Beit Umar near Gush Etzion.

This attack was preceded by an attempted stabbing by an Arab of policemen in Jerusalem’s Old City as well as an attempt by an Arab terrorist to steal a soldier’s machine gun. Both attempts were unsuccessful.

The Beit Umar attack was one of countless attacks that have been committed on the 60 highway over the past few months. Highway 60 is the main North-South route that runs through Judea and Samaria with Jerusalem in the middle.

The month of Ramadan, which was originally the month of jihad against the Jews in Saudi Arabia,has continuously served as a time for Arabs to launch terrorist attacks against Jews in the Land of Israel.

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