Ramadan Violence Continues: Arabs Stone Bus Near The Old City While Terrorists Take Control Of The Temple Mount

by Micha Gefen

Violence continues to surge in Israel during Ramadan, where many Muslims are indoctrinated to attack Jews as part of the “holy” month’s broad range of activities. While many worshipers simply go home, there has always been an uptick in attacks against Jews during Ramadan.

Sunday morning a bus that regularly takes Jews to the Western Wall in Jerusalem was attacked by a gang of arabs throwing rocks at it. Five passengers were injured as rocks smashed through the bus windows.

One of the passengers who was injured spoke about the attack:

“Thank G-d my bus was the first one of the day,” he said. “It was just me and the driver on the bus. What can I say? G-d was looking out for us.

“A rock smashed through the window and hit me on the shoulder. I have a suspected fracture. I was covered in fragments of glass. I hit the floor, and somehow the driver managed to keep the bus on the road and got us out of there.”

Former Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu responded to the bus attack and other attacks against Jews walking to the Western Wall:

“Truly shocking. We must take harsh action against terrorism and immediately restore peace and order to Israel’s capital.”

Arab terrorists also took over the Temple Mount, hauling large stones in order to place in front of the entrance to stop Jews from ascending. These terrorists also barricaded themselves inside the Al Aqsa Mosque in hopes that they would be able to stave off security forces.

Israeli police entered the complex and arrested the attackers.

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