Will Today’s Riots On The Temple Mount Bring Down The Government?

by Micha Gefen

Today’s riots on the Temple Mount appear to be a turning appoint in the governing coalition, with the United Arab List, also known as Ra’am suspending all cooperation with Bennett’s government due to what they say is a heavy handedness against Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount.

The Islamic council, which provides spiritual leadership for the Southern Islamic Movement and the United Arab List has now instructed the party to stop all cooperation with the Bennett government.

The reason?

Law enforcement’s efforts against Arab rioters on the Temple Mount.

Bennett is now in trouble. With less MKs in the government than in the opposition, his time as Prime Minister appears to be drawing to a close. The irony is that is was last Ramadan where is seems that Bennett and Mansour Abbas of Ra’am held secret meetings to work together in order to set up a government with Lapid. Now this Ramadan, with the government in turmoil and the Iranian threat growing. Bennett finally looks like he will

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