Arab Terrorists Throw Firebomb At Jewish Home In The Yemenite Village

by Micha Gefen

It may be a new year, but somethings don’t change. Arab terrorists in the Eastern Jerusalem neighborhood called Shiloach or the Yemenite Village suffered a firebomb attack – again.

This neighborhood may only be a few minutes walk from Jerusalem’s Old City, but it is as if it is a whole new world. Arab thugs have kept up their attacks in an attempt to drive out the Jewish residents. However, only more Jews have come and joined them.

Daniel Luria, Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim commented on the incident:

“I call on the Israeli police and undercover agents to keep working around the clock till these violent Arab terrorists are apprehended and thrown behind bars for many years.”

“Jews should be able to live in peace without Arab hatred, violence and intolerance in any and every neighborhood in Jerusalem . Any Arab who can’t or won’t abide by these basic normal “living rules”, are welcome to go and live in any neighboring Moslem country !”

“Such Arabs should be simply deported as no normal democratic country in the world would tolerate such people or their actions in their country!”

Don’t expect that to happen any time soon.

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