Netanyahu has two pieces of advice for the Presbyterian church

by Leah Rosenberg

This is a timeless message from PM Netanyahu. And it really is not only for the Presbyterian church, but it is for all those who want to boycott Israel.

Netanyahu to Those Against Israel

A few years ago, the Presbyterian Church made a decision to divest its holdings in companies that do business with Israel. It was during the tragic summer when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped and brutally murdered by Hamas terrorists.

But the message he gave was not only for the Presbyterian church. It is not even only for Christians. It is for anyone who is against Israel. It is for all those who claim to stand for justice but have no idea what justice even is.

It is for those who want to boycott Israel because they claim it is an apartheid state.

Netanyahu in his poised way spells it out. There is no place in the Middle East that a Christian of any sort could live or visit safely or easily with the exception of the State of Israel.

Visit Israel. It is a beautiful and free country. Go to its surrounding countries, and you will not receive the same welcome. But the types of people calling to boycott Israel clearly don’t care about the facts anyway.

Motivation for Terror
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