AOC Cries After Vote Passes to Fund Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System

by Phil Schneider

The Democrats are busy trying to spend money on nearly everything under the sun. But there are representatives in Congress today who want to see the State of Israel destroyed. They therefore object to any form of support for the State of Israel – including the funding of a purely defensive system to shoot down rockets.

It is easy to dismiss “The Squad” as a fringe group in the United States Congress. But the problem is that the trend is growing, and fast, in the Democrat Party. When AOC actually cries that she was unable to stop Israel from defending itself with the Iron Dome system, and she is consoled by other Democrat leaders, it is a sad day for America. Not only are these representatives a major thorn in the side of Nancy Pelosi, they have national aspirations that should not be ignored.

There are very few differences in knowledge and opinion between AOC and Kamala Harris. They both focus on feelings, emotions, rights, and entitlements. They both support taxing the rich to unprecedented levels. Right now, the main reason that Joe Biden is not being pushed out of power is that the alternative of Kamala Harris is even worse. AOC and her ilk indeed have national aspirations that should not be ignored. They are the new face of America’s radical left, and if they become even more powerful, they will do tremendous damage to the United States of America.

Dr. Risch

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