96-Year-Old Nazi Attempts to Escape War Crimes Trial

by Leah Rosenberg

Thank G-d, this Nazi was caught. Can you believe she tried to escape a war crimes trial? Decades later, she’s still running from morality.

Elderly Nazi Tries to Run from War Crimes Trial

This is outrageous! How did this 96-year-old Nazi manage to run away from her war crimes trial? That should never have happened. Although thank G-d she was caught, the trial now needs to be postponed. Justice needs to be postponed – even though there can never be full justice for the crimes that this German woman committed.

This trial might be one of the last ever of the Nazi war crime trials. And what a turn this trial took.

She is clearly well enough to be convicted being that she RAN AWAY and tried to escape justice!

The Holocaust Matters, Even Decades and Decades Years Later

The Holocaust still matters. And it always will. The horrors that the Nazis carried out. The murder. The death. Millions upon millions. Children murdered in cold blood. We cannot forget nor can we stop teaching about what happened. We must always try to seek justice and better our world. This German woman may be 96, but she knows full well what she did. And she tried to run from it; from the thousands and thousands of deaths that she herself was responsible for.

But at the end of the day, you can never flee from being served justice – whether it be in this world or from G-d Himself. This Nazi woman can try to run, but she won’t succeed.

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