Is the Israeli PM’s UN Speech Warning the World of Israel’s Next Move with Iran?

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli PM Naftali Bennett has told the world once again: Iran has crossed the red line. Israel cannot afford to wait for the world to act.

Will the Israeli PM and Israel Act Alone?

Regardless of the world’s approval, Israel has to defend itself against all threats facing the tiny Jewish state. The Iranian threat is imminent. There is not much more time to wait. Israel must act against Iran before Iran acts against Israel. The Israeli PM Naftali Bennett knows that. Really, the whole world knows it – even if they won’t support Israel or admit it.

If any other country was in the position of Israel, they would act against Iran. Why does Israel need to even warn the world what it might do? Why does it need to plead for the world’s approval? It doesn’t and it shouldn’t.

Iran is a threat to the stability of the entire world. They are not only a threat to Israel. Israel is just at the frontlines fighting everyone else’s fight for them. Instead of condemning Israel, the world should be thanking Israel. And they shouldn’t be thanking Israel privately like they have in the past. World leaders should be brave enough to publicly stand with the one and only Jewish state; the one democracy in the Middle East.

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