WAR DRUMS: China Sends Most Fighter Jets Ever Into Taiwan’s Security Zone

by Micha Gefen

If there was any doubt about Beijing’s intentions when it comes to Taiwan, Friday’s massive incursion by the Chinese Communist air force into Taiwan’s security zone should make it clear that Xi Jinping has every intention of taking it – even by force.

This past Friday marked the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and in many ways these sorts of actions are way to stir up patriotism in China’s citizenry. However, it is clear that the incursion was meant for more than just state sponsored drama.

India, Israel, along with the US, and Japan all are beginning to see Taiwan’s independence as critical in pushing back on Beijing. Whether it is promoting the tiny island as its own country or just maintaining the status quo, the West and its allies see the CCP’s goal cementing its One China Policy as antithetical to Western values.

The incursion into Taiwan’s security zone involved 38 aircraft including nuclear capable bomber as well as an anti-submarine destroyer.

The zone also includes the border of the Philippines and Taiwan and a corridor that leads into the South China Sea – a highly important waterway for international shipping. If no one stops the CCP, then it will continue to expand and take over making it near impossible to stop.

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