Antisemitic professors across the US call on students to murder Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

No one is stopping it. Jews are in danger. Education is in danger. The next generation is in danger. Yet, antisemitic professors are still teaching.

Stopping the Antisemitic Professors

Watching a video like this is frightening. It is not footage from decades ago. It is not a video from the times of the Holocaust where 6,000,000 Jews were murdered. No, this video is from today. Antisemitism is raging across the world. It is not just across the Muslim world. It is not just in Europe. Antisemitism is spreading in America, and it is spreading fast. And the scary thing is that it is happening on college campuses. And the scarier thing is that the students are not the only ones spreading it. The fact that professors are so vehemently against the Jewish people teaches the next generation to hate as well.

And who is stopping it? Who is doing something to ensure the safety of the Jewish people? Well, the universities have basically done nothing. These professors should never have been hired in the first place. But now that they have been, and now that there is so much evidence proving the damage they do, why are the universities staying silent? Why aren’t they helping their Jewish students? And really the question is why aren’t they helping all their students? Everyone is learning to hate. Education for the next generation is at risk. If colleges really cared about life and education, they would do something to stop the madness.

But all we hear is silence.

Calling to Murder Jews

It may start with words, but we all know the power of words. These antisemitic professors have called to murder Jews. They support suicide bombings. They support intifadas. And the more these students hear the hate, the more they will act. Jewish lives are at risk.

Words matter. Words are powerful. They are more than just words.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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