Israeli MK proves “Palestinians” fake history with simple questions

by Phil Schneider

Bezalel Smotrich took out some of his political frustrations on the Arab Members of the Knesset with a few knock-out questions. He takes the attitude that the best defense is a good offense. So he stood up proudly and said to the Arab Members of Knesset that they can’t even say the simple words, “Jewish State.” So, if that is the case, can the Jewish State truly plan to create yet another Arab State for a fictitious people called the “Palestinian” people?

The “Palestinian” people is a brilliant creation of the 20th century. To be precise, it is a creation that only really began following the Six Day War when the Arabs began to focus on a salami approach towards the destruction of the State of Israel. They realized that they cannot plan for a surprise victory that would lead to the destruction of Israel. The Israeli Army was simply too strong. But the attempts to destroy the State never ceased – they just shifted strategy.

The most effective strategy till today has been the attempt to take the moral high ground and argue that Israel has stolen the land of an ancient people, the so-called “Palestinian” people. Due to people like Bezalel Smotrich, the word has spread effectively that the entire notion of an ancient Arab nation called, the “Palestinians” is actually just a brilliant ad campaign. But there is no connection to history. Gold Meir said this clearly when she said that for decades, she never heard any Arab leader claim that they were “Palestinians.” It was a new tactic that proved very effective in order to justify the left-wing anti-Israel positions. They could now claim that there anti-Israel positions were based on morals and nothing else. Bezalel Smotrich took this apart in his address.

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