New York Times Social Media Post Demonizes Israel as Killers

by Avi Abelow

The absolute crazy thing about this post is that it is in connection to an article praising Israel for an amazing Israeli development of antibodies to help cure people sick with coronavirus. But, the Times can’t allow Israel to have good press without demonizing her.

Two basic facts this New York Times post ignores:

  1. All armies prepare on how best to kill enemies in order to scare off the enemies from even starting with them. And if enemies decide to attack, then…the reason a country has an army is to protect, defend and to kill, when necessary, in order to protect and defend its people and country.
  2. The Israeli army is a world leader in helping save lives. Anytime there are natural disasters, Israel sends IDF units to help, even to enemy countries.

The best response to this horrendous New York Times post was Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer. Dermer highlights the hateful demonization editorial line of the New York Times that goes back all the way to the Holocaust, where the Times hardly reported on the atrocities the Nazis did to the Jews. And when the Times did report those atrocities, it was hidden away deep in the paper with small factual reports

The New York Times Downplaying the Holocaust

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