Antifa Proves Why They Are The Real Fascists

by Gavriel Dan

Brandon Brown, citizen journalist was assaulted in Olympia, Washington by Antifa terrorists. Of course in their perception of reality they believe they are the ones stopping the terrorists, fascists, or nazis as they called Brandon.

This video was recorded by antifa writer Shane Burley and shows a mob harassing, assaulting & pepper spraying Brandon. Brandon was attacked and robbed by Antifa terrorists for recording them in Olympia, Wash.

Ultimately it is Antifa who are the true fascists and not those whom they target. Of course in a culture which has increasingly moved far out of control and unsrtable Antifa has been able to destablize and threaten normative culture by reversing semantics when it suits them.

To Antifa, the good become evil, journalists are fascists, and patriots are nazis.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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