Congressman Meadows Slams Ilhan Omar’s Despicable Apology to Iran on the House Floor

by Avi Abelow

Congressman Mark Meadows: “I never thought I’d hear, on the House floor, an apology to the Iranian people for the killing of a terrorist. But today I did… from the Democrat side. Qasem Soleimani murdered hundreds of Americans. President Donald Trump was right to take him out. Period.”

Kudos to Congressman Mark Meadows for calling out one of the most despicable things ever to be uttered by Congresswoman Ilan Omar, on the House Floor!

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Ilhan Omar apologized to Iran for killing their arch terrorist and spoke about America as if the USA is the rogue nation out to dominate the world! Absolute sickness. While the truth is 100% the opposite.

Just listen to her own words.

Ben Shapiro says it best about Ilhan Omar, recalling the countless amount of times that she downplays terror and actually has supported terrorists!

Americans must wake up. Ilhan Omar is one of three Muslim Congresswoman supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. The Muslim Brotherhood is out to take over the world and Islamize Western countries, and its strategy to overtake America was exposed with the Holyland Foundation trial back in the 1990s!

I’m not against American Muslims serving in Congress, but the growth of Muslim Brotherhood supported Muslims in Congress should worry every American.

What Congresswoman Rashida Talib and a CAIR representative recently said in the video should worry every American.

All I have left to say is WAKE UP AMERICANS!


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