US Ambassador Friedman Exposes the Reality of Israel’s “Peace Partner” Ignored by All Until Now

by Avi Abelow

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman gives a spot-on explanation behind the Trump administration’s logic in their newly unveiled “Deal of the Century” aka “Peace to Prosperity”.

President Trump’s Peace to Prosperity plan allows for Israel to immediately apply Israeli law to all areas in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley as soon as the maps are developed by a joint Israel-US team, that US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman will also be a part of.

However, the Palestinian Authority will only be recognized as a state after negotiations are completed, and those negotiations will only begin after the PA fulfills all of the pre-conditions set up by the plan.

What are the pre-conditions the Palestinian Authority must fulfill for negotiations to begin?

  1. Removing all arms from Hamas
  2. Demilitarizing Gaza
  3. Stopping all pay-to-slay payments to terrorists
  4. Stopping all international legal warfare against Israel
  5. Stopping all incitement against Israel
  6. The PA can not try to join any international organizations without the approval of Israel
  7. Recognizing Israel as the Jewish state
  8. Recognizing Israel’s new borders based on the new map being developed including Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and the whole Jordan Valley
  9. Recognizing that a united Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish state of Israel
  10. Accepting that no Arab Muslim refugees can return to live in Israel.

If the Palestinian Authority does not fulfill these conditions then negotiations will never begin and they will receive nothing.

This is the first time that a peace deal is introduced that is realistic, understanding that peace talks without the fulfillment of these conditions are not “peace talks”. Those actions are necessary in order for the Palestinian Authority to prove that it truly is interested in peace!

Thank you President Trump, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt and all the others for including these conditions in the plan/vision.

The Ultimate Goal of “palestine”

Many of us understand that the whole agenda called “palestine” is not about “self-determination” to set up a state side-by-side with Israel, but it’s ultimate, and only, agenda is to destroy and replace Israel. Hence, the Palestinian Authority will never fulfill these conditions because it means they would have to give up their ultimate goal to destroy Israel. Hence, negotiations will never begin.

President Trump is giving the Palestinian Authority a final chance to end their crusade to destroy Israel and instead live peacefully side by side with Israel. However, again, those who us who understand that the crusade called “palestine” is all about destroying and replacing Israel, we already know the outcome. It won’t bring peace. But has moved the goalposts in the Middle East, and this is an unbelievable achievement.

Moving the Goalposts – The Brilliance of Trump’s Strategy

US Ambassador Friedman Revealing the Brilliance of Trump’s Strategy
Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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