Anti-vaxxers arrested amidst measles outbreak in Samoa

by Phil Schneider

Vaccinations are not a perfect science. There have been many studies that have indicated that some people would certainly be better off without the vaccinations than with them. The most common vaccination debate seems to come up year-in and year-out concerning the flu shot. But, in recent years, there have been more and more outbreaks of measles. This has of course led to some minimal panic in certain communities. This is understandable. So many people have grown up thinking that we are past the stage of dangerous mass illnesses due to the advent of vaccinations. But, the reality is more complicated than that.

Vaccinations save the lives of hundreds or thousands of people

There is one major problem with anti-vox people. They are selfish. This sounds like an oversimplified description. But it is exactly the core of the matter. This is no different than the parent who allows their child to walk into school with a bad cold or lice in their head. Yes, it may be better for the child to have some fresh air and sun. But that doesn’t mean that 10 other children should become afflicted with their germs or lice.

Vaccinations serve the greater good at the expense of the few that it does harm to. But the selfish people argue that it does major harm. This has rarely been proven to be true. There are a few people each year who die from the flu shot. But, there are hundreds – if not more – of people each year who die of the flu. So, in order to deal with the problem of the anti-vaccination problem, we need to have more epidemiologists speaking up about the potential dangers of non-vaccination. It sounds so undemocratic and dictatorial to say that everyone should have to receive a vaccination against an outbreak that can kill tens of thousands of people. But, there are those very rare instances when that is precisely what needs to be done. Sometimes, there is no other choice but to listen to the doctor’s orders.

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