Jerusalem through the eyes of the beholder

by Leah Rosenberg

Take a look at Jerusalem through the eyes of an average person walking the streets. There are so many sites and sounds to absorb.

Jerusalem Through the Eyes…

What is it like to see Jerusalem through the eyes of someone else? Through the eyes of an average person who walks through the streets? It is amazing to see how many sites, sounds, people, and stimulation there really are. Sometimes, we miss it as we are taking a walk through the streets of Jerusalem. But maybe we all need to stop for a minute and take in the beauty. There is music all around Jerusalem – literally and figuratively. You’ll always run into someone playing guitar or piano. But aside from that, there are sounds everywhere – the light rail, the people, the wind. It all comes together to create a beautiful Jerusalem.

The capital of Israel is filled with history and culture. Religion and faith. There is truly only one Jerusalem, and it is unique beyond words.

And Then There’s the Western Wall

And then there is the Western Wall. That is a whole world in itself. It has its own music. The murmurs of prayer. Pages of the prayer books turning. People crying. Birds chirping. People singing. Going to the Western Wall is an experience that stays with a person forever. It is indescribable.

And that’s the thing: You can’t really describe Jerusalem. And everyone sees Jerusalem and feels it differently.

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