Another top Iranian official killed at Iraq-Syria border

by Phil Schneider

Iranian officials are shaking in their boots. They have lost three of the most senior people in their defense establishment. In truth, the Iranians have very little to focus on defending. Iranian defense officials are actually offensive military people. But President Trump eliminated the head of the Iranian military, and Israel eliminated the chief nuclear scientist. Now, a third major official has lost his life. There is a reason why this is happening. It is due to serious leadership on the part of President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Iran does not exist alone in the world as a source of terror. It is backed up by countries like China and perhaps India. There are other countries like North Korea who also pose a threat to the world. But, today the world is much safer than it was before because of the attacks on Iran. It truly is similar to the situation of a high school bully that destroys the general atmosphere of a school. Once that bully is brought down from his proud perch and is unable to bully anymore, everything improves. So too, the North Korean military machine understands that if they make offensive decisions like Iran has, they may find themselves killed by a robot in their own car. That is the kind of military efficiency that is going on these days. Hi-Tech is defeating terror. This is Start-Up Nation on the cutting edge of fighting for our safety. When the United States and Israel are joined together in a serious military partnership, good things happen to the Middle East and the world at large.

This has not always been the case. It was not only Barack Obama who alienated Benjamin Netanyahu, others in the Oval Office did too – both Democrat and Republican. George H. Bush was never close with the State of Israel, and James Baker was a cold and difficult Secretary of State who didn’t think in terms of right and wrong. He saw interests and that was it. If Israel got in the way, such as in the build up before the Persian Gulf War, Baker pressured Israel to stay out of it – even if Israel was being bombed. In the end, things worked out well due to the amazing accomplishments of the United States and Allies military against the Iraqi Army. But Yitzhak Shamir had to always keep his guard up against George H. Bush. Jimmy Carter accomplished an amazing feat at the Camp David Accords when he mediated a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt, but his true colors have come out over the years. He rarely has a single positive thing to say about Israel and accuses Israel for all of the issues of the Middle East. President Trump has been a breath of fresh air in the White House, and that has brought blessing to the entire world.

Dr. Risch

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