Supreme court stops NY governor’s restrictions against religion

by Leah Rosenberg

Enough is enough. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has to stop discriminating against religion! The Supreme Court gave him a slap in the face.

Warning: Some language

Stop Restrictions Against Religion

The governor of New York has truly made some horrendous decisions. The way that Governor Andrew Cuomo has handled the COVID-19 pandemic is despicable. Although there are many reasons that he has handled it poorly, there is something that should stick out to those who value religion and even just for those who value the freedom to choose if they want to be religious or not. Cuomo’s restrictions just prove that he is against religion.

Why can liquor stores be open but not synagogues? Why can hardware stores be open but not churches? And why can bicycle repair shops be open but not mosques? If he thinks liquor is more important than worshipping G-d, he is either a fool or completely against religion. Or both. Either way, thank G-d the Supreme Court ruled against him. He deserved that slap in the face from the Supreme Court.

Cuomo ignored the Constitution. How can a governor of a US state try to pretend the Constitution of the country he represents doesn’t exist? Well, now he can’t stomp on the Constitution and make restrictions against religious worship.

Cuomo’s Antisemitism

Gov. Cuomo has also specifically targeted the Jews. He lets BLM and Antifa gather and wreak havoc, but if Jews want to go pray, that is banned. BLM and Antifa protest against Trump, against policemen, they steal and loot, but no matter what Jews do, they will be called out for it.

Something needs to change. And this Supreme Court ruling will hopefully be the beginning of a big change. Because something is majorly wrong when a United States governor is trying to ban religious worship.

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