AFTER KABUL: Is Biden’s End Near?

by David Mark

The fall of Kabul is already being seen as a defining moment in Joe Biden’s Presidency. While no president is ever perfect, the chaos now engulfing Afghanistan is being played out 24/7 for the entire world to see. Traditional American allies are slamming Biden and Gold Star parents are wondering why their children had to die in the first place.

For the first time, the Democrats and the Main Stream Media are beginning to discuss President Joe Biden’s mental health. This is something people warned about over a year ago and yet while Trump was in office, people ignored what was obvious to so many.

With the Kabul debacle on full display, the Democrats are openly worrying about how to shift out of this. After all, they claimed that Donald Trump was hurting American prestige around the world. Yet, it is Biden who has now destroyed America’s trustworthiness with its allies.

One must remember that Biden’s whole purpose was to defeat Trump. The affable former Vice President was always known for gaffes. Yet against Trump, gaffes were never a problem and during the corona pandemic, he could legitimately retreat from public sight.

Now as president, Biden has become a real liability and may harm the “woke” revolution if he keeps this up. In fact, he may be irrevocably harming America.

While no one can visualize a Harris presidency – Kabul may have made that possible. The West is in collapse. The Chinese Dragon is not only rising but spreading and the Russian Bear is resurgent. While America grapples with such things as transgenderism and reparations, the rest of the world is reeling from a lack of competent leadership.

Biden was supposed to bring calm. The media had convinced a large part of the American populace that it was in fact Trump that had brought the chaos. Now, after the fall of Kabul, Americans are realizing that the world is a very dangerous place and it is in fact they who have been living in an alternate reality.

Just like the fall of Saigon was blamed on Gerald Ford and the Iran hostage crisis on Jimmy Carter, history will pin the fall of Kabul on Biden. The only question is whether America is too far gone to save.

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