After Biden’s Middle East Trip, Israel Announces That It Will Attack Iran

by David Mark

Soon after President Biden’s Middle East trip, where Israel and its Sunni’s allies pushed the Americans to halt negotiations with Iran, IDF Chief Gen. Kochavi announced that Israel is in active preparations to attack Iran.

While Israel’s preparations for an attack on Iran have been going on for some time, the public revelation of such an attack is the first such statement any active general in the IDF has made. Why now?

Two reasons are very clear. The first is that the Gulf States and Israel want to send a message to the American administration that the USA is not needed for the strike. Furthermore, the weakness of America is what is leading the region to war, not the other way around. Biden’s visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia is what triggered the message. The administration’s weak statements and insistence that a deal is the best way to contain Iran pushed Israel and its Gulf Allies into a far more public break with America.

The second reason IDF Chief Kochavi made his statement is that Iran has finally admitted they can already make a nuclear weapon. This revelation reveals what most have known all along that the Iranian nuclear program was designed to reach a nuclear weapon. This revelation is serious and pushes the region even closer to war.

In the coming months, PM Lapid may decide that his best option for winning the election and remaining Prime Minister is an attack on Iran. If he goes forward with it, the region and the world will be entering unchartered territory – filled with chaos and turmoil for the foreseeable future.

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