Was Biden’s Trip To Israel A Complete Failure?

by Phil Schneider

David Friedman analyzes the Biden trip to Israel. Did Biden accomplish anything on his trip? Would Joe Biden even recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

In general, Israel will always treat every President of the United States with utmost respect. However, Joe Biden did not even visit the Western Wall, the most important location of the Jewish people – in the heart of the Jewish nation – Jerusalem.

Then Joe Biden did not recognize Israeli sovereignty over parts of Jerusalem. This is something that unifies nearly 90% of the Israeli population. But Biden went Obama-acting again and took another step more into the land of far-left anti-Israel policy.

But the most important non-action was vis-a-vis Iran. The Acting Prime Minister of Israel, Yair Lapid, clearly asked Joe Biden to articulate a clear red line that would threaten Iran with force. That did not happen. Biden stayed mum. That is yet another Obama policy that Biden has adopted. After all, Obama could spill the beans and end Biden’s presidency if Biden doesn’t follow suit.

Basically, Joe Biden came to the Middle East to take care of skyrocketing gas prices. But he did not focus on anything else. Biden probably did not even realize to what extent he insulted the Israeli people on his short trip. But this is all par for the course with Joe Biden who continues to stumble through one event after the other in his failed Presidency.

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