A secular Israeli rocker and a Hasidic singer are bringing the redemption with this song

by Leah Rosenberg

What happens when a famous Israeli rocker and a famous Hasidic singer unite through music? Magic. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this.

Hasidic Singer and Israeli Rocker Bring Unity

Avraham Fried is a famous Hasidic singer in the Orthodox Jewish community. Aviv Geffen is a famous rocker in the Israeli world. The two of them have nothing in common – except that they both want to bring unity to the Jewish people. They both know that the Jewish nation is a family.

The song is truly beautiful.

Here are the lyrics translated in English:

The walls of the soul crack and a ray of light escapes
How beautiful to see the vine blooming in the wasteland.
Even a skeptical man carries with him a small prayer,
In the time of drought as we await the blessed rains.

Even if you are terribly worried,
Do not lose hope
Believe in love,
There is no peace or tranquillity
You are frightened and bitter too,
I’m your brother, don’t forget
Even if you are a little distant.

With closed eyes, I hear your voice
You invited me to the tent of your solitude,
We are small flames in a big bonfire
We forget, that in the time of a drought, everything burns and is consumed.

Below is a video phone call that was recorded between the two singers before their song was released to the public. You don’t have to understand their words to feel the connection between them. You don’t have to speak Hebrew to feel the positive vibes. These two are ushering in the ultimate redemption with their unity.

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