Obama admin knowingly funded terror-linked group – here’s the proof

by Phil Schneider

During the first year or two of the Obama administration, many were trying to figure out if Barack Obama was indeed hostile to the State of Israel or if he simply was not pro-Israel. He barely had any political experience to extrapolate his future policies from. But, very quickly, he made good on his pledge to be a transformative president. He did not want to leave the world as it was by the end of his administration. That is indeed what he did. What he did locally with healthcare, his signature policy within the confines of the United States, he did with the Iran agreement, his most controversial policy outside the borders of the United States.

When Barack Obama realized that he had much more room to maneuver on foreign policy issues than on domestic issues, Obama unleashed his controversial pro-Muslim ideologies on the Middle East. His speech in Cairo made major waves in the entire Middle East. Egypt’s stable non-radical leadership found themselves suddenly under siege by anti-Government protesters – many of whom were radical Muslim brotherhood members. Ultimately, Egypt was led temporarily by a radical Muslim group. Fortunately, that did not last long and Egypt returned to a more moderate mindset. However, in other countries, especially Syria and Iraq became countries filled with radical Islamic militants fighting incessantly against each other. ISIS became the #1 concern of the entire Middle East. The scary part of this video is that it displays the troubling fact that the Obama administration became the leading funder of terror in the Middle East via the Iran agreement.

Of course, Obama explained this away with language filled with appeasement. But, if anyone needs clarification on this issue, let them just listen to the same refrain that Iranian leaders have been saying for years since Donald Trump’s elections – “Get rid of the sanctions.” The Iranian leadership enjoyed the Obama siesta when they were able to get away with more and more of their nuclear plans. If the Trump administration policies are followed up with further appeasement from the Biden administration, then Israel will have to take matters into their own hands once again. Israel will not sit and allow an existential threat to grow and grow without doing anything about it.

Arab Incitement
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