A guest on the Kelly File revealed what is really going on in mosques across America

by Phil Schneider

How serious is the Sharia Law threat in America? It is not a massive movement with millions of supporters. But, there are indeed millions of Muslim adherents. Most of them are not necessarily radicalized and do not pose direct threats to the Western way of life. However, the threat is from the minority that is extremely dangerous. This point cannot be overemphasized. What matters is not what percentage of Muslim or Christian or Jewish people are radicals. What matters are the radicals themselves. To what extent does a small fringe group have the ability to disrupt and mess up the way of life that we have via violence and other dangerous acts?

One of the main lessons of World War II and other conflicts of the 2oth century is that dangerous personalities need to be deterred at the earliest stages possible. Deterrence is not only via military and warlike means. But it must have that element of a military threat or else it won’t work. The Nazi threat was indeed containable in the mid 1930’s. But American isolationism and British appeasement did nothing to stop it. On the contrary, it encouraged Hitler to speed up his military build up. But when Neville Chamberlain basically handed Germany Czechoslovakia in order to appease the Nazi regime, then Hitler realized that he had a clear pass to take over nearly all of Europe without major resistance from England.

Had the United States jumped in earlier and stopped the Nazi advance soon after the Nazi invasion of Poland, D-day would not have been necessary. American bravery and sacrifices were all necessary as a result of American isolationism. There is always an enemy that needs to be engaged – however small the threat. When it is just a few violent groups, the local police force may even be sufficient. But if we allow home-grown threats to fester, even the Feds won’t be enough. We’ll find ourselves with the military attacking mini-militias inside of our own country. We need to stop the threats before the threats swallow up swaths of territory inside of our country.
Yes, even freedom of religion needs to have a red-line. No violence or calls for violence from religious organizations should be tolerated. They should be illegal and outlawed and enforced.

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