Oprah and Elie Wiesel at Auschwitz

by Phil Schneider

This is an absolute Must-See movie in order to understand the horrors of the Holocaust. It is a tragic movie. But it needs to be seen in order to understand the nature of mankind and the depths of evil that exist in human nature. This is not a political documentary. This is Elie Wiesel eloquently explaining the essence of the living hell that he survived despite all odds.

The Largest Cemetery in the World

More than 1 million Jews, probably closer to 1.5 million Jews, were killed in the gates of Auschwitz. The feelings of the millions of people who systematically filed through the gates of Auschwitz is hard to fathom. They had experienced such horrible conditions before entering that it is entirely reasonable that the German shepherds and machine-gun carrying Germans scared them into submission. They had nowhere to run to. They would have been machine-gunned on the spot.

Auschwitz is the symbol of systematic evil that was perpetrated during the Holocaust. But there were millions others who were machine-gunned to death in forests and villages all across Poland and the Ukraine. The systematic killings were not only in organized death camps. The SS followed the German army wherever it went and searched in every small town for every single Jew they could find. They were absolutely determined to root out the Jewish race from the world.

The depths of racism exist today as they did then. However, the Jewish people have machine guns today, and F-16’s and a State that watches over the state of anti-semitism throughout the world. But the lessons should be clear. The threats of racism and anti-semitism do not disappear and need to be deterred before they reappear and wreak havoc again.


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