5 American businesses you never knew Israelis headed

by Leah Rosenberg

Israelis have made an impact is many areas, from heading companies in the American entertainment industry to creating clothing in the fashion industry.

The American-Israeli Relationship

America and Israel are strong allies. But that does not only mean that they support each other in times of war and in the fight against terror. It also means they have great business deals, many of which people are unaware.

Without this strong friendship, many of these popular businesses would not exist!

Israeli Heads of American Businesses

Here is IL TV’s top 5 Israeli heads of American businesses.

Some you may have known.

Some you may have not.

Either way, one thing is clear: Israel has done a lot for the world!

(1) Haim Sabon – Creator of the popular children’s action series, The Power Rangers. Who doesn’t LOVE The Power Rangers?

(2) Adam Neumann – What do you do when you need a space to work alongside others? WeWork provides that communal work space. It exists all over the world and is now worth over 20 billion dollars. And Adam Neumann, an Israeli born and raised in Israel, co-founded it.

(3) Elie Tahari – Tahari is a fashion designer whose designs are found throughout the world!

(4) Adi Tatarko – CEO of Houzz. It is a website that helps create your perfect home!

(5) Noa Tishby – Actress, singer, and model. But additionally, she went on to have her own production company known as Noa’s Ark. That company was the first to sell an Israeli TV series to HBO to be remade as a U.S. TV show.

Israel’s Positive Impact

Indeed, you can see just from these 5 people that Israel has made an impact on the world. Israel has a small population compared with many other places. Nevertheless, they are definitely changing the world in an unbelievable way.

Furthermore, aside from these 5 Israeli stars, Israel is making its presence known in a positive way.

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