Left-wing filmmaker moves to Israeli “settlement” and is surprised by what she discovers

by Leah Rosenberg

An Israeli filmmaker moved to Tekoa and produced a documentary that may entertain – but it is a clearly slanted documentary.

Feelings & Opinions

This documentary may be a good watch.  It clearly reveals some genuine feelings from Jews who live in the village of Tekoa.  The filmmaker clearly was in for many surprises, but she lies when she says that she tried very hard to put aside her political persuasion.  She clearly was there with an axe to grind.  Did she try hard to present as objective a view of the settlement as possible?  I don’t think so.

The filmmaker tosses around words like fascist when she refers to Israel today.  That shows that she is a radical left-winger and self-hating Jew.  She finds a young woman who even throws the word “fascist” around as if it is an acceptable term to describe herself.  That’s who she decides to feature.  To take a radical viewpoint from a non-typical settlement and focus the camera on her is not a very accurate example of quality film-making.


The main issue with this and other documentaries is that the filmmaker frames her entire concept of Israel in the wrong way.  Her narrative is based on the idea that settlements are the core of the problems in Israel.  This is wrong on multiple fronts.  There is an Arab-Israeli conflict which has taken place in Israel for many decades before there was one settlement.  Israel removed every settlement from the Gaza Strip and the Arabs in the Gaza Strip continue to fight against the State of Israel more than 10 years later.

Secondly, Arabs in the settlements do not ever claim that they just want their own State.  They claim that they want to kick the Jews out of the entire State of Israel.  There is no reason to not believe them.

So, the entire basis of the documentary is off.  But enjoy the watch.



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