300 Drones Light Up the Sky of Jerusalem in Celebration

by Avi Abelow

What an amazing show! 300 drones fly over the sky of Jerusalem. They make all sorts of shapes and designs to celebrate 70 years since the modern state of Israel’s founding. Stunning, absolutely stunning! Boost This Video

This drone show was part of the amazing national ceremony that took place in Jerusalem to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday. Enjoy some of the other entertainment from this fabulous evening.  Spread the Joy of Watching this Video – Boost for as little as $5!

Hi-Tech Drones and Israel’s 70th Birthday

What could be more apropos to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday than a drone show in the skies. In the 1948 War of Independence, Israel also had an Air Force.  It consisted of a few planes, made up of scrap metal from World War II leftovers.  For bombs, Israel improvised. They used seltzer bottles – all they did was make a hissing sound and shatter upon impact with the ground.  But this was par for the course in the 1948 war.

Amazingly, in such a small amount of time, Israel is now a hi-tech powerhouse.  What a perfect way to celebrate the accomplishments of the State of Israel.

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Another view of the drone show

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