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WATCH: Israeli Flight Crew Lead Unbelievable Ceremony in Flight


Wow, what a beautiful thing to see. The El Al flight crew knew that the passengers would be missing the moment of silence for Israel Memorial Day in Israel. They therefore decided to lead their own memorial ceremony in flight.

I don’t think these flight passengers expected to experience a special Israel Memorial Day ceremony in flight. Yet they did!

I’m sure the Israeli passengers were happy to partake in this national ceremony. However, the passengers unfamiliar with Israeli culture, were probably quite curious why everyone was standing for a minute of silence in flight.

El Al is the official airline of the State of Israel. It once was a state owned company, but was privatized a few years ago. Even though it is now private, it is nice to see the Israeli flight crew giving over the Israeli experience for those Israeli and Jewish passengers who are missing Israel Memorial Day.

Israel Memorial Day is a key day for the nation of Israel. It symbolizes and strengthens the Israeli collective, even the non-Jewish citizens of Israel. Many non-Jewish citizens also serve in the Israeli army and have been victims of terror as well.

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