Israel Memorial Day – Like No Other Memorial Day in the World

by Avi Abelow

We Remember

Israel Memorial Day is an emotional day for Israelis. The whole country is focused on the price we pay as a people for our freedom and the privilege we have in having our own country to defend ourselves. We remember the soldiers and terror victims who lost their lives for living here.

The whole atmosphere in the country revolves around the memory of our lost soldiers and terror victims. National ceremonies to remember the fallen take place across the country. At the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, the national military cemetery in Jerusalem, on Mount Herzl, and at each and every municipal military cemetery.

Both at night and then in the morning the entire country stops.  Everybody listens together in total silence to a siren across the nation, from the Southern tip of Eilat, to the Northern mountain region of the Golan Heights.

Amazingly, focus is given to individual soldiers and their personal stories, as much as possible. As a result, people make an effort to visit graves of soldiers who do not have visitors.

Here is a group of people visiting the grave of a lone soldier. A lone soldier is one who leaves his family from a foreign country. He/she then comes volunteer as a soldier in the IDF.

Watch this video to better understand Israel’s Memorial Day. You will see why it matters so much to Israelis & Israeli society.


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